Personal data cards

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Going to doctors (at least in American HMO reality) usually results in filling out complex forms with all of your medical, personal, and, sometimes, even financial data. Of course the repetition of data in each doctor, dentist, specialists, hospital, and medical insurance provider, etc, presents itself as an interesting application for use of and RDF version of your personal data.

But how do you transport this information so you have it all the time? USB keychains seem pretty widespread, but are still reserved to computer 'geeks'. What we need is something that carries your digital data, but yet has the familiarity, speed and ease of use of a... credit card.

After some googling, I found this interesting item which seems close to ideal, but is still not shipping. I did find a few other options but nothing as elegant. I wonder is some other smart cards meet this criteria.

Whatever the technology, I hope the solution comes quickly - these medical forms are a pain!